Rammstein’s Christoph Schneider switches to SABIAN

Rammstein's Christoph Schneider switches to SABIAN


Multi-Platino Hard Rocker Discovers SABIAN© Sound Innovation

Christoph Schneider, drummer with multi-platinum German concept rockers Rammstein, has switched to SABIAN cymbals. A founding member of the group – which tours and charts its high-powered, dark humored music and dramatic stage presence around the world – Schneider said the change came after recording Rammstein’s latest CD, Liebe ist fur alle da (Love is There for Everyone).

“I simply wanted to hear something new and powerful,” he said in Berlin. “I compared all the major brands, and I switched to SABIAN because of the many different sounds, which are outstandingly unique, very human, and in some cases, brutally earthy. First I chose HHX, which sounds very dark and loud, like Rammstein. These cymbals also look incredible, especially the O-Zone, with all those holes. But then I discovered more… and more, so I’m playing also APX and AAX. These cymbals really do make me play better, but most importantly, I like the sound.”

Added SABIAN European Product Specialist Christian Koch: “Like Tomas Haake of Meshuggah and Mike Portnoy from Dream Theater, Christoph Schneider has discovered that SABIAN innovation lets drummers play and sound better.”

Source: www.sabian.com, Christoph Schneider drums profile


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