New Rammstein Promo Videos for LIFAD


Today I opened Facebook and saw this “Metzgermeister” video – finally something different to Pussy. You can watch the video on Facebook.

Also I was notified that there are some new promo videos on MySpace Rammstein page – these are still in the Pussy style (just a little bit older Pussy). Enjoy, its coming (release date is October 16th).

In case you missed the sources: Facebook and MySpace 🙂


  1. There arer 3 more videos as well which can be searched on youtube or found on and then to their facebook page:

    “Senior 20s Dir Cut”
    “Seniors Party 20s (Green)”
    “Body builder 20s (Color)”

    and of course:

    “Butcher 20s” which is the one mentioned here.


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