Machine Head about remixing Rammstein

The Gauntlet caught up with Robb Flynn of one of our favorite bands, Machine Head and asked him to comment on his involvement with remixing the Rammstein track “Rammlied”.

“They contacted our record company, Roadrunner Records,” stated Flynn “and asked if I’d be interested in doing a ‘brutal’ remix of one of their songs. It sounded cool, and different, and the fact that they weren’t asking me for some kinda gay dance remix was cool, and that it could be as brutal as possible was appealing to me. They said I could have total freedom to fuck it up, and they just kept saying they wanted it BRUTAL! From what I understand they liked it a lot, cause I guess several people did remixes and mine is the only one they approved.”

The whole article is HERE.


  1. Mine favorite band is Rammstein and im almost sure that im the biggest fan in mine country . . . well rammstein are not listened too much here but for me they are gods , alos i must say that exept rammstein i listen a few othre bands like machine head and i dont see any reason why rammstein and machine head dont make a remix.

  2. I don’t know why rammstein fans seem to hate machine head so much…
    Machine Head and Rammstein are both amongst my favorite bands 🙂
    and honestly, I respect your opinion dude but…I think Machine Head is much more brutal than bloody Slipknot.
    \o/ Peace!

  3. what aload of rubbish!!!!
    if ‘the people’ wanted a brutal remix then it should come from bands like cradle of filth, children of bodom or arch enemy or even slipknot!….but deffinatly not machine head …their less brutal than amy whinehouse’s fake barnet !
    Robb fynn – STAY AWAY FROM RAMMSTEIN lol !!!!


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