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The album booklet folds out to reveal six different covers, one for each band member (each photo depicting the member with a horrible facial mutilation). The cover shown here is the most commonly seen. It features Till Lindemann with a muzzle and odd metal objects blocking his view, as they are placed over his eyes. The cover art was created by Austrian artist Gottfried Helnwein.


Bonus tracks

Depending on the country of purchase, the following are possible bonus tracks after track 11:

  • English versions of Du hast and Engel, named You Hate and Angel.
  • Rammstein’s English cover of Stripped
  • Du riechst so gut ’98
  • The Asche zu Asche single as a second CD

Additional info

Released: August 22, 1997
Recorded: Temple Studios, Malta, 1997
Genre: Tanz-Metall
Length: 49:39
Label: Motor Music/Slash Records

Producer(s): Jacob Hellner with Rammstein

Song Information

1. Sehnsucht (Longing)

This song is about sexual desire and the disappointment from them not being fulfilled. It has many sexual references in the lines, such as: “Der Finger rutscht nach Mexiko, doch er versinkt im Ozean | The finger slips to Mexico, but it sinks in the ocean,” obviously referring to fingering.

While playing Sehnsucht at Live aus Berlin, Till Lindemann hits himself in the head with his microphone repeatedly and throughout the rest of the concert can be seen bleeding from his hairline.

2. Engel (Angel)

This song is about how some people believe in angels, and that good people become them after death, but we wonder why we never can see them. The lyrics of this song can also be seen as doubting the existence of God. Near the end of each chorus, Till states, “God knows I don’t want to be an angel.”

3. Tier (Animal)

This song is about paedophiliac incest. The lyrics say of the father, “You are just an animal.” The daughter eventually kills the father and writes her story in his blood.

4. Bestrafe mich (Punish me)

This song is about the relations between God and man, shown by a man who likes to be punished, as in S&M.

5. Du hast (You have/hate)

This song is by and large Rammstein’s most well-known song in their entire library. It is a play on German wedding vows; however, it can be interpreted many different ways. The first lines of the song can have a double meaning; the phrases Du hast and Du hasst mean You have and You hate, respectively, but they are homophones (in the official German it means “you have”). For more info, see the single’s page.

6. Bück dich (Bend down or Bend over)

This song is about sodomy and sexual dominance; possibly even rape. Performed live, Till leads Flake around the stage on a leash in full bondage gear, and then simulates sodomy with him using a liquor-squirting dildo, which Till then squirts on the crowd. Till and Flake were arrested for this performance after a concert in Worcester, Massachusetts. The literal translation of the title is Bend thyself.

7. Spiel mit mir (Play with me)

The song is about incest between two siblings. Till has said that “There is no such thing as the perfect family”, which is emphasized in the end of the chorus.

The song when played live differs from the album version, as keyboardist Christian Lorenz transposes the keyboards two octaves higher than usual in the last chorus.

8. Klavier (Piano)

One of Rammstein’s few slow songs, Klavier is about a man who loved the way his girlfriend played the piano so much he locked her away in the attic. One day her parents and the police make the man open the door and they see their beautiful daughter tied to the piano dead.

9. Alter Mann (Old man)

This song is about a man who watches an old man stare at himself in a reflecting pool and fan the water smooth when it is disrupted. The old man is possessed by the reflection of himself. After seeing this, the one who threw the stone in the beginning looks into the water and sees the same thing the old man saw and also becomes possessed. He then calls for the old man to save him from the same fate. This song is possibly about the cleansing of society.

10. Eifersucht (Jealousy)

The song lyrics deal with cannibalism brought on by jealousy (especially with the line,”Töte mich und iss mich ganz auf”.

This means,”Kill me and eat me up completely”) and jealousy. The song is also in the movie “Wing Commander”. This song has never been played live.

11. Küss mich (Fellfrosch) (Kiss me (furfrog))

This song is about a woman who desires oral sex but seldom obtains it because of its taste. ‘Frog’ is used in German as slang for female genitals. The song uses many interesting effects; one can even hear throughout the song a noise used in various cartoon shows.

“Kuss Mich” has never been played live.


  1. Du hast single
    Du hast (1997)
  2. Engel single
    Engel (1997)

Copyright Information:

Catalog Number: CD 573 304-2 | MC 573 304-4 Released: August 22, 1997 (P) & (C) 1997 Motor Music GmbH, Hamburg Music & Lyrics by RAMMSTEIN Except Sehnsucht: Music by Rammstein/Orgasm Death Gimicks, Lyrics by Rammstein except Tier: Music by Rammstein/Jürgen Engler, Lyrics by Rammstein Produced by Jacob Hellner with RAMMSTEIN.

Mixed by Ronald Prent Programming by RAMMSTEIN Additional programming by Marc Stagg Female voice by Bobo Portrait photography by Gottfried Helnwein Sleeve design by Dirk Rudolph All songs published by BMG/UFA Management: Emanuel Fialik

Retrieved from (album) Read the copyright at the bottom.



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