MIG Tour is the 34th Most Viewed Tour of 2012’s First Semester

According to Pollstar, the Made in Germany 1995-2011 tour was the 34th most viewed tour of the first semester of 2012.

The band managed to sell a total of 525,424 tickets from February to May, reaching an average of 12,510 spectators per concert. In terms of profit, the band reached 15th place with 28.7 million dollars (with an average of 77.29 dollars per ticket).

Many thanks to RammsteinWorld for sharing this information.


  1. I took my mom to theit Houston show. The tickets were her xmas gift because she is a huge r+ fan. I am not exagerating when I say it was the best night of my life. We were right by the stage (in the seated area), and during the song Mutter Richard blew a kiss to my mom.

  2. I’m glad to say that I’ve seen Rammstein play live. One scratch off my Bucket List. I certainly hope they realize how many fans they have in America and will tour here more often! Especially in Houston! The Toyota Center had a great turn out 😀

  3. who on earth are the bands before RAMM??? as they clearly dont put a show on as good as the FIRE men 😀 !!!


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