A Rammstein Special Report by Süddeutsche Zeitung Magazin


A team of reporters for the Süddeutsche Zeitung-Magazin got close to Rammstein like none before: the photographer Andreas Mühe and the author Alexander Gorkow went on tour with Rammstein through Canada and the U.S. for weeks: backstage and onstage, on long drives and plane trips, on walks along the beach and through the desert, in the hotel and on the after-show parties. Mühe and Gorkow worked these experiences with the six band members and their crew into a 30-page long report, printed as a special issue of the Süddeutsche Zeitung-Magazin.

Rammstein on Süddeutsche Zeitung-Magazin
Rammstein on Süddeutsche Zeitung-Magazin

The Rammstein-SZ-Magazin will be enclosed in the Süddeutsche Zeitung on the upcoming Friday July, 6th. The Journal will be available via the iPad-App at Süddeutsche Zeitung (from July, 5th, 5pm). If you miss the print version of the Rammstein story, you can reorder it on SZ-Shop.

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  1. That was the most beautiful thing I have read in an extremely long time. I haven’t Rammsteined in a while and this was just perfect. Thanks Maya for posting translations.

  2. Went to dallas this year for them, bought the Made In Germany super deluxe edition anf that, and still found the translated version of this article another way to experience Rammstein. Haxor/ Laszlo, you are doing a good thing!

  3. Look everyone, it says right in this article, that the “Till God” hurts himself everynight on stage. He does it at all of their shows. He is covered with scars. That is the Till way. No need to freak over it, he heals and he is fine.

  4. @NRammT

    Doh! My mistake. What I said was pretty blasphemous. Rest assured that I’m going to give myself 100 lashes for ever doubting him. With any luck my wounds will become infected to teach me a lesson.

  5. I can’t imagine that wound on his chest is real. It would be stupid to just leave it because it’d become infected in no time at all. Being that size an infection could easily be fatal.

  6. wtf do you mean? did you even read the comments? they might be photoshopped but even then he still had them during concerts. so even then they would still have to be some kind of makeup.

  7. @Hali:

    No, they are most definitely not photoshopped on. You can see them in videos. I agree with NRammT. Possibly part of MHB.


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