Rammstein To Headline Mayhem Fest 2013?


Mayhem Fest wrapped this past weekend and already festival organizers are looking ahead to next year. Every year, the fest is anchored by one or two huge headlining acts, as it was this year with Slipknot and Slayer. Who can top that combo? Mayhem co-creater John Reese has his sights set on Rammstein!

Here is what Reese told Idaho Statesman in a recent interview:

“The very, very top of the bill are the two hardest slots to pick,” event producer John Reese told me Monday. “Because to draw 10,000 to 30,000 people, there has to be some commercial crossover aspect of it.”

There are 20 to 25 bands on the planet that have the drawing power to headline MayhemFest, Reese said, so you have to expect repeat acts. That said, he’s already working on the 2013 bill for MayhemFest and seeking fresh blood.

Reese mentioned one potential future act that fired me up: Rammstein.

“I’m gonna try like hell,” Reese said. “I tried to get them last year.”

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  1. @Sugarga: That sounds awesome. I think they should do more shows with minimal pyro and no costumes. Just wear regular clothes and perform 🙂 I don’t need the fire to enjoy the band. But even if they cut the pyro, a 1 hour set isn’t long enough they’ll prolly give Mayhem a wide pass.

  2. @Courtney the free show they did in Russia was a bit like that, very minimal pyrotechnics. Look it up, I’m sure you can find the video, they even did Wollt Ihr Das Bett In Flammen Sehn

  3. I have seen Rammstein 3 times. The MSG show in New York and twice in Chicago. I have been to Mayhem several times. It would be AWESOME to have Rammstein headline. But, it would take removing two headlining acts to allow Rammstein the two hours they deserve. I agree with Spartan-45. I want to see Rammstein do a festival – but I think Rammstein may be better than that. They do summer festivals in Europe – already slated for 2013. It would be amazing to see. Rammstein kicks EVERY OTHER BANDS ass out there. Good luck, Mr. John Reese. I will be kissing your ass if you get this accomplished.

  4. @Spartan: They cut down sets to an HOUR? You’re right, that wouldn’t work for Rammstein. Although I’d like to see the boys do a normal show with none of the bells and whistles, just the six of them on stage playing their music.

  5. I’m thrilled about this but not at the same time. The reason is that Mayhem Fest only allows 1 hour sets per band which will cut down on their show WAY to much.

  6. I don’t live anywhere near the Woodlands or have ever been to Mayhem but I’d try my damndest to see them again live like earlier this year. This may be closest they’ll get to Houston for a while. They prolly wont play it though. If I don’t get to see them for a while, I’ll gladly make do with a new album 🙂

  7. Not going to happen. Although I’ve never met Rammstein, it is widely known that they are all control-freaks and perfectionists. They’ve worked extremely hard at perfecting their live shows, and they know that their loyal, if not rabid fan base has high expectations.

    In Europe they routinely fill 30k-40k venues all on their own, while I don’t think they are quite on that level here in the states they should have no problem selling larger arenas in major market cities and sticking to smaller arenas in the smaller market cities.

    Ultimately, Rammstein headlining Mayhem Fest would dilute their product, and alienate many of their long time fans.

    Again, put a boatload of cash in front them and I’m wrong….What the fuck do I know? We’ll see….

  8. That would be amazing! I’ve gone for the past three years and the fourth would be an amazing Rammstein event. I saw them in May for the first time and it was amazing! Come on Reese, you can do this!!


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