METALLICA’s Robert Trujillo would like to hear “72 Seasons” by SLAYER


In a recent interview with Mexican radio station Alfa 91.3 FM, bassist Robert Trujillo was asked which artist from any genre he would choose for a cover of a song from METALLICA’s latest album “72 Seasons.” His response was nothing short of thrilling.

“This is a great question because it can be very funny and I could say that I would choose… Are you familiar with Cheech & Chong? Cheech & Chong were a comedy team. And I talked about this in the press. They had an incredible song called ‘Earache My Eye’ in the 70s… And they had a horn section. The song ‘If Darkness Had A Son’ is one that, as I said, I imagine being performed by Cheech & Chong. And Cheech & Chong had this one guy… They were what we call stoners. So they were always high, like, ‘Yeah, dude. Cool, dude.’ And one of them was what we call Chicano – he was Mexican-American. That was Cheech Marin. So I always imagine him singing ‘Temptation.’

But besides that… That would be the humorous side. I would say… Let’s see… What song would be really powerful? I would love to hear the title track ’72 Seasons’… That would be insane. What if SLAYER did a version of ’72 Seasons’? That would be really cool. [Laughs]. Nobody expects that. But I’d love it. Because I always feel… Some people say there’s competition between METALLICA and SLAYER… Maybe it’s because I came into the band later, but I consider them more like two iconic flagships that had really powerful energy in the early 80s. But what if classic SLAYER did a song like ’72 Seasons’? That would be really cool.”

Trujillo’s enthusiasm for the music and his imaginative choices for potential covers are sure to excite fans of both METALLICA and Cheech & Chong.


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