Berlin prosecutor’s office opened a criminal investigation against Rammstein frontman Till Lindemann


The Berlin prosecutor’s office opened a criminal investigation against Rammstein frontman Till Lindemann. He is suspected of sexualized violence While the band continues to perform – but some fans refuse tickets themselves.

The Berlin prosecutor’s office has opened a criminal investigation of Rammstein frontman Till Lindemann. According to B.Z., Der Spiegel, Bild and other German publications, he is suspected of sexualized violence.

According to Bild, the case is based on evidence from two cases, one of which went to the Berlin police, the other went directly to the prosecutor’s office. The investigation is being conducted under Article 177 of the German Criminal Code on criminal acts against sexual self-determination, which carries a maximum penalty of imprisonment for up to ten years. Details of the case are not yet specified.

In the beginning of June more than ten women have stated that after the concerts of Rammstein they were invited to the parties, organized especially for Lindemann, where they were offered alcohol and drugs. According to them, they were also invited to these events through social networks: to get there they had to send the organizers their photos or videos. At least two women claimed to have been sexually assaulted by the musician.

Bild newspaper wrote that the parties were organized by Russian citizen Alyona Makeyeva, who called herself “casting director. According to the newspaper, on June 6, Rammstein group stopped collaboration with her.

Lindemann denies the accusations against her. “All allegations, without exception, that women at Rammstein concerts were deliberately drugged and alcoholic so that our client could perform sexual acts with them are untrue,” his attorneys said in a statement.

On official site of Rammstein there was published a statement on June 3, which said the band take allegations against the frontman very seriously: “The charges were very hard for all of us, and we take them very seriously. It’s important to us that fans feel comfortable and safe at our shows – in front of the stage and backstage.”

Separately, the band asked their fans not to be prejudiced against those who made the accusations, and noted that band members have the right not to be prejudiced.

Some fans stood up for the musician, while others decided to boycott the concerts. As Deutsche Welle wrote, shortly before the performance of Rammstein in Munich in early June, some fans began to sell their tickets in social networks, stressing that they did it because of the accusations against the frontman. At the stadium, where the concert was supposed to take place, activists staged a protest, demanding to cancel the performance.

As noted by Der Spiegel, Lindemann stopped using a cannon, stylized as the male penis, shooting foam during his performances amid the scandal. Previously this gun was present at Rammstein performances for years.

Despite the accusations against the frontman, Rammstein went on with their summer tour, during which they are planning to play half a dozen shows in European countries.


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