Christopher Schneider to appear at the Musikmesse 2010

For those of you who are really desperately seeking to see the drummer of Rammstein, go to “Musikmesse 2010, drummers on stage”. You’ll have a chance to watch your idol.

Christoph Schneider (Rammstein) [Exhibitor-Events (4.0 / E08), Saturday, March 27 2010, 15:00]


And the second “news” is that our favorite director Jonas Akerlund shot a video for Lady Gaga, but this time it is not such a great porn movie like he did for Rammstein.

“Jonas Akerlund (sic) directed the Gaga promo. He has form. At the saucy end of the scale, his videos for German metallers Rammstein make Telephone look like an episode of Andy Pandy.”

– BBC on Lady Gaga’s ‘Telephone’



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