Rammstein fans angry over ‘credit crunch’ concert

German industrial metal band Rammstein have been forced to apologise to their fans after a “low key” performance left many feeling short changed. The band are claiming that since the recession they have had to “downscale” their theatrical ambitions, and are hoping that the “music will do the talking” for them.

Rammstein fan Alice Kreuzfeld-Smith said “When Till Lindemann shimmied down a rope holding a sparkler – that actually went out halfway down the rope – I thought to myself… ‘maybe they’ve made some cut-backs’, but I wasn’t prepared for what followed. Recession or no recession, I’ve got expectations for a Rammstein concert, and they don’t include a catherine wheel that fails to go off.”

The whole article is at dailyshame.co.uk


  1. Wish I could read the article, but my anti-virus has blocked it 🙁 Affenknecht could have warned that it was a spoof though, I can just imagine serious fans not ‘getting it’. Can anyone send or facebook me a copy?

  2. I love live music. Going to gigs and concerts is the best way to experience music. Live and Loud thats what I say..

  3. 1) thanks for the link
    2) thanks for sending the people who didn’t “get it” – they’re hilarious! especially the guy who wrote to me saying ‘take this article off the site otherwise you’re nothing but a motherf—er’

  4. I can’t beleive anyone actually fell for this. The article was funny as fuck, and I nearly choked when I read the Swan Vesta bit!

  5. I saw them live in Belgrad arena at the 20th of March. the show was just FANTASTIC! so, joke article or no jock article, it’s bullshit!!! 😀 Rammstein Uber Alles from GREECE!!!!

  6. It’s all well and good that it’s fake, and it is funny. BUT, Affenknecht, DON’T post it as news when it blatantly isn’t!

  7. lol i would like to see till shimmying down a rope lofflll :D:D

    & lol at paul having his crotch operated after each concert LOL
    what a laugh 🙂


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