Rammstein Weit weg lyrics with English translation

Niemand kann das Bild beschreiben
Gegen seine Fensterscheibe
Hat er das Gesicht gepresst
Und hofft, dass sie das Licht anlässt
Ohne Kleid sah er sie nie
Die Herren seiner Fantasie
Er nimmt die Gläser vom Gesicht
Singt zitternd eine Melodie
Der Raum wird sich mit Mondlicht füllen
Lässt sie fallen, alle Hüllen
Der Anblick ist ihm sehr gewogen
Spannt seine Fantasie zum Bogen
Der Atem stockt, das Herz schlägt wild
Malt seine Farben in ihr Bild
Steht er da am Fensterrand
Mit einer Sonne in der Hand
Ganz nah
So weit weg von hier
So nah
Weit, weit weg von dir
Ganz nah
So weit weg sind wir
So nah
Weit, weit weg von mir
Wieder ist es Mitternacht
Sie stehlen uns das Licht der Sonne
Weil es immer dunkel ist
Wenn der Mond die Sterne küsst
Ganz nah
So nah
Ganz nah
So weit weg von dir
So nah
So weit weg sind wir

Lyric © Rammstein
No one can describe the picture
against his windowpane
He presses his face against it
and hopes that she will leave the light on
He never saw her without a dress
The masters of his fantasy
He takes the glasses off his face
Trembling, sings a melody
The room will fill with moonlight
Let them fall, all the covers
The view is very favorable to him
Stretches his imagination
His breath stops, his heart beats wildly
He paints her picture in his colors
He stands there at the edge of the window
with a sun in his hand
Very close
So far away from here
So close
Far, far away from you
Very close
So far away are we
So close
Far, far away from me
Again it's midnight
They steal from us the light of the sun
Because it's always dark
when the moon kisses the stars
Very close
So close
Very close
So far away from you
So close
So far away are we

Translation © Affenknecht.com

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  1. I love the style in which this song is presented. The subject matter to me seems to be about a man obsessed with a woman who lives in a building nearby, which by itself is considered perverse. And yet, the tone of the song is from the perspective of someone who is so delusional about their obsession that they believe they are in love. The line that really drives it all home for me is, “Malt seine Farben in ihr Bild,” — “He paints her picture in his colors.” To me, this clearly presents us as the listener with the understanding that the man obsessed only sees what he creates in his own mind, and effectively convinces himself that this woman is right for him, being cast in imagery and fantasy that is most appealing to him. What a song. Till’s still got it!

  2. I like to agree with Sarah , for me as well it’s about longing in broad sense. Which makes this song a very good one. Makes me long for the older albums lol. Newer ones are too direct. But this song is a jewel.

  3. The song is describing the longing for something you can’t reach. Something you long and lust for, that is always out of reach.
    Similar to Feuer und Wasser.

  4. I get the stalker POV etc. I can see that. For me this song makes me think of my wife, and how I’d feel if I couldn’t get to her or be with her, only see. One of the best things that make Rammstein Rammstein is that almost every one of their songs can be interpreted in many ways!!
    *minus zeig dich, that’s pretty cut and dry and in your face!!

  5. It isn’t “Die Herren seiner Fantasie” it is “Die Herrin seiner Fantasie” which means “the mistress of his fantasy”

  6. This song is about a stalker looking at his victim through the window. It is sung from the stalkers perspective. “Steht er da am Fensterrand mit einer Sonne in der Hand – he stands there at the edge of the window with a sun in his hand.” The sun is a torch. Because he’s been looking at his victim all day, it’s now night and he’s got the sun (torch) in his hand looking at his victim.
    “Ganz nah. So weit weg von dir – very close. So far away from you.” He’s so close because he’s just the other end of the glass but he feels so far away from the victim because he can’t get in and cannot touch his victim so although he’s physically very close, he feels so far away.


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