YES keyboardist on the band’s plans for 2024: “We plan to go everywhere we want to go”


YES keyboardist Geoff Downes spoke about the band’s plans for 2024 in an interview with The Classic Rock podcast:

“In 2024, we plan to be everywhere we want to be. YES is pretty active and I think that keeps us all on top of our game. Unfortunately, we lost (drummer) Alan (White) last year, which was another personal blow to me because Alan and I were good friends.”

When asked if the “Classic Tales Of Yes” show will be the same in Europe/Asia as it is in the US, Downes said:

“I think it will be pretty much the same because when we put together a set list like this one, which is very different from what we’ve done in previous sets, it takes a lot of not only rehearsal but a lot of thought to make sure that it’s appropriate during the show, and I think the fact that we’re fully into the current program is already a success.

We haven’t been to Europe with it yet. I think the fans will want to see something new, and we’re working on it. Since I’ve been back in the band, we’ve been challenging the set list. We’ve analyzed a lot of the early albums, some of the deeper tracks, pulling them out, because they’ve never been played before. So it’s good to keep yourself in shape, I think. Some bands go on stage and play the same set many years in a row, but YES tried to prepare something new every time. And I hope the fans will take this set well, and we’re looking forward to going to Europe”.


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