MARK ZONDER on the new WARLORD album


MARK ZONDER recently talked about the new WARLORD album, which is scheduled for release in May:

“We wanted to finish the music that was started and do it all ‘for Bill’. The material we thought was strong enough to inspire us to do this.

Bill is present on this record, we were able to extract his parts from the demos, similar to how the Beatles were recently able to extract John Lennon’s voice from an old demo tape. However rest assured, this album is not a “demo” and does not sound like a demo, our new guitarist Eric did most of the recording work, but all of the music was written by Bill and we have stayed extremely faithful to what he wrote!”

Track list:

“Behold A Pale Horse”
“The Rider”
“Worms Of The Earth”
“The Watchman” (CD-exclusive track)
“Free Spirit Soar”
“The Bell Tolls”
“Twin” (CD-exclusive track)
“Revelation XIX”


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