Wow, breaking news, guys! Metallica’s lawyer just said that, suing Napster was totally necessary!


“Wow, breaking news, guys! Metallica’s lawyer just came out and said that, no joke, suing Napster was totally necessary to set the ground rules for what music is worth. Like, seriously? In 2000, Metallica got all bent out of shape when a demo of their song got leaked on Napster, and they decided to sue the pants off the company. Lars Ulrich even testified before the Senate Judiciary Committee and demanded that all their music be taken off the site and anyone who downloaded their music be banned. Talk about overreacting.

And get this, their lawyer, Peter Paterno, is now saying that fans who steal music aren’t even real fans to begin with. Oh, and don’t forget, it took the music industry over a decade after that lawsuit to figure out streaming. But hey, at least the lawsuit helped establish some basic rules for paying artists, right? I mean, who cares about fans getting free music anyway? So worth it.”


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