Well, it looks like the police have a bone to pick with London’s O2 Academy Brixton venue!


Apparently, two people were killed and eight hospitalized due to a crowd crush at an Asake show, and now the venue is facing the music.

First, the venue’s license was revoked, but now the police are pushing for the O2 Academy Brixton to be closed down permanently. Even though the Academy Music Group (AMG) has offered proposals to “reopen the venue safely,” the Metropolitan Police have lost faith in the license holder and are demanding a revocation.

But AMG isn’t taking this lying down! They claim to have cooperated fully with the police and council, presenting detailed proposals that they believe will fix the problem. However, they haven’t received feedback yet and are eagerly awaiting a response.

All in all, it’s a tough situation for the O2 Academy Brixton. They’ve been around since 1983, but it looks like their future is uncertain. Maybe they should hire some extra security guards to prevent those pesky bribes from sneaking in too many concert-goers!


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