TILL LINDEMANN performed a song by Mark Bernes: video

TILL LINDEMANN recorded his own version of the song “LUBIMIY GOROD”(favorite city), which was originally performed by Mark Bernes and which was included in the soundtrack of the movie “Fighters”. Till made an offer to Timur Bekmambetov to record this song and shoot a video for it, which is available for viewing below. This track will be included in the soundtrack of Bekmambetov’s new film “Devyataev”.

Lindemann grew up in the city of Rostock in the GDR, his father often visited the USSR, and Till himself was a pioneer. This song was sung by his mother as a child, and when he learned that Bekmambetov was making a film about Devyataev, who was considered a hero in the GDR and even had a monument erected to him in Usedom, Till contacted Timur and the collaboration took place.


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