CANNIBAL CORPSE bassist about the success of “Vile”

In a recent interview with Dead Rhetoric, the CANNIBAL CORPSE bassist spoke about the success of “Ville”:

“It was our first record with George. The important point, though, is what we should do, whether the public will appreciate the new version of the band. It was a transition from the Chris era to the George era, and we ended up in the Top 200. This was the first time we had achieved such success. So we were incredibly happy when the news reached us, we were on tour at that time. As far as I remember, we debuted at position 151 and the next week, of course, we were whizzed out (laughs). But being in the charts in 1996 and being a death metal band is a big achievement, we were very happy about it and about how warmly people took the change in our line-up and accepted George.”


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