Till Lindemann announces new album “Zunge”


Till Lindemann is at it again. The musician has announced the release of a new album “Zunge” on November 3, 2023.

The campaign for the presentation of the new album started in a pretty big way. First, the video for the title song (“Zunge”) was presented, in which Till actually sewed up his mouth. It’s no surprise to us that Rammstein lead singer is not only in words ready to hurt himself. And this pain he is ready to share with public in his videos. The video itself is not new and was filmed back in 2021. It is noteworthy that the shooting took place in the Great Moscow Circus. According to Edgar Zapashny the release of the clip was “put on pause because of anti-Russian sentiments in the world.” Till’s partner in the clip was Russian actress Aglaya Tarasova.

Lindemann did not put off announcing other songs and on September 29, 2023 released three singles on the same day: “Nass”, “Schweiss” and “Lecker”. Quite unusual was also the fact that all three songs were united in meaning in one video:

The director was Sergei Gray, who has previously worked with the musician.

It should be noted that Till took his own previously published poems from the book “In the Silent Night” as the basis for some songs. As for the music, “Nass” and “Lecker” were written by Daniel Karelly, while “Schweiss” was composed by Sky Van Hoff. After the termination of the collaboration with Peter Tägtgren, it was not clear how the project would continue to exist, and who would now be responsible for the music. We will find out how successful the new album is in the near future.


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