Brief encounters in heavy beats: metal songs about casual dating


Many people (non-metalheads, that is!) think of heavy metal as rock music in its most
ferocious format. A typical image might be some band, dressed uniformly in black, with the
straggly hair sported by Wild West outlaws, playing music at a similar decibel-shredding
level to jet aircraft landing. The lyrical content? Satan worship. Getting wrecked. Sleeping
with the next groupie long before remembering the name of the one before. Of course, these
sweeping stereotypes would be like describing an iceberg solely in terms of the tiny point
sticking above the surface! Metal music didn’t achieve its status – massive popularity –
without having a much wider appeal than all that pigeonholing might suggest. Metal songs
are far from one-dimensional odes to the devil, drugs, and dodgy sexual encounters. Black
Sabbath famously sang about paranoia. Slipknot, the Iowa USA rockers in slasher movie
masks, are known to sing about love and other deeply sensitive emotions. Seriously. Intense
relationships are just as pertinent to metalheads as anyone else!

Metal – ripe for Cupid’s arrow

The enduring success of heavy metal is down to two main factors. Firstly, at face value, all
those crunching chords, thunderous rhythms, and screeching guitar solos might seem about as
musical as roadworks. But metal music is surprisingly, deceptively, intricate. Those potent
riffs conjured by English Midlands proto-metalheads, Black Sabbath, are certainly dense and
foreboding. But Tony Iommi’s fretwork is also mesmerising, often melodic. Metal guitarists
tend to be far more talented than most six-stringers, their solos frequently veering closer to
freeform jazz than rock ‘n’ roll! Secondly, metal songs are multi-dimensional, that big, loud,
expansive backdrop perfect for sparking the imagination of lyricists. Poring over the words of
Berlin metal legends, Rammstein, reveals inspiration far beyond any stereotypes. Singer, Till
Lindemann, whose band have sold more than 25 million records globally, covers a dizzying
array of subjects. This chimes with metal fans who are just as human as anyone else. Any
metalhead eager to arrange a hook-up tonight can listen to captivating rock ‘n’ roll, and then
flirt with other fans in the virtual environment. Going online would allow you to take
advantage of chat rooms where favorite metal anthems are being discussed, and like-minded
individuals are always eager to flirt. Signing up for websites and apps dedicated to one-night
stands and hookups is becoming the default method for single fans of brazen rock to interact.

How metalheads can find true love

If you’re a metal fan keen to connect with someone on your wavelength, always remember
one of the core attributes of metal music. Individuality. Metalheads might dress according to
certain conventions – band names on black T-shirts, unkempt hair, distinct lack of designer
labels of any description – but they also love being seen as outside the mainstream. This is a
distinct sub-culture focused on personal taste. Within any metal fan, there will be nuanced
passions. There are so many offshoots of metal – death metal, hard rock, alternative metal,
Christian metal – that a lot of fans would much rather rely on dating site algorithms than
bumping into eligible partners in a moshpit! Computer software can pinpoint other site users
sharing your unique tastes. Whether you prefer headbanging to Rammstein, Led Zeppelin,
Nirvana or something poppier (but still feisty) like Paramore, you can save a lot of
timewasting by utilising software to home in on the most appropriate candidates!

Classic metal songs focusing on flings

Finally, to inspire your quest for casual dating success with a fellow metalhead, how about a
snapshot of some of the best songs for combining rock and romance?

– User Friendly by Marilyn Manson
The American Goth rocker gets straight to the point during the chorus. “I’m not in love, but
I’m gonna f*** you, Till somebody better comes along.” Yes, Marilyn Manson is famous for
his provocative style in terms of texts and appearances.

– You Shook Me All Night Long by AC/DC
From the Australian band’s bestselling Back in Black album (and their first single featuring
Brian Johnson as the replacement for the late Bon Scott), the video features leather-clad ex-
glamour model, Corinne Russell. All night long needs little explanation!

– Royal Orleans by Led Zeppelin
On this delightful groove from 1976 album, Presence, Jimmy Page strikes up a funky, bluesy
riff, Robert Plant sings, “One time love, take care how you use it, Try to make it last all
night.” The rock legends known for excessive behaviour are giving some sage advice!

– Do Not Disturb by Halestorm
The Pennsylvanian rock band, suggest making love before getting on a plane, underlining
that flings may be transient, but are often intense!

– One Night Stand by Motorhead
Lemmy’s band are synonymous with the ‘live fast’ rock ‘n’ roll lifestyle, the grizzled singer
rarely photographed without a Jack Daniels clutched like a gunslinger’s favorite six-shooter.
Who better to pay homage to casual joys?!


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