Till Lindeman leaving Rammstein


It has been announced that after Rammstein finishes up their newest album, Till Lindemann is said to leave the band. He is going to be replaced by En Esch, formerly of KMFDM. Here is a music news article that mentions his leaving. You can read more information at Laut.de (in German)

“Please welcome the talented En Esch “” Till’s footsteps are big, but maybe he can dry our tears rapidly.”

RAMMSTEIN Parts Ways With Singer, Announces Replacement – July 16, 2007

Emanuel Fialik of Pilgrim Management GmbH, which represents German industrial metal pioneers RAMMSTEIN, has issued the following press release:

“On the 13th of July 2007 the industrial gothic top act RAMMSTEIN announces that after the release of the next studio album, which is about to get finished, the current singer and frontman Till Lindemann will leave the band.

“Till’s decision is mainly based on the increasing inharmoniousness within the band and was well deliberated. He will head now for other challenges which can be a solo career or maybe a new project (as of his own words).

“The band decided not to quit but announce a new singer. There is a clear statement coming from Richard Kruspe and Christoph Schneider that ‘nobody ever can replace Till Lindemann’ but since ‘we have still so much fun doing RAMMSTEIN we looked for a new singer which is charismatic in his own way without copying Till.’

“The new singer which was found and signed to be the new RAMMSTEIN frontman is the co-founder and ex-member of the electro industrial act KMFDM and current singer of SLICK IDIOT “” En Esch “” who recently moved to Berlin to join the band.

“We all will miss Till Lindemann who gave us many years of joy by listening to his unique grinding voice. Please welcome the talented En Esch “” Till’s footsteps are big, but maybe he can dry our tears rapidly.”

RAMMSTEIN will issue its “Völkerball” DVD in the U.S. in September. The exact release date will be announced soon.

RAMMSTEIN’s latest album, “Rosenrot”, received its long-overdue U.S. release in March 2006 via Universal Music. The CD, which was certified platinum in Germany for sales in excess of 200,000 copies within two weeks of release in October 2005, topped the official album chart in Germany, Austria and Finland, and landed at No. 2 in Sweden and Denmark, No. 4 in the Netherlands and the Czech Republic, No. 5 in France, No. 6 in Mexico, No. 11 in Italy and No. 29 in the U.K. In addition, “Rosenrot” achieved gold status in Austria, the Czech Republic and Switzerland.

This information has not been officialy confirmed.


  1. 2019 and this still shows up. I’m looking at the dates as I’m listening to Rosenrot and thinking, “that’s not En Esch…”

  2. Wtf him leaving he’s the reason I put up with life the music he sang changed my life and kept hope alive to my hurting and broken inner self

  3. I saw this in 2018 and almost had a panic attack, until I realized how old this was. I couldn’t handle Till leaving Rammstein… don’t scare me like that!

  4. It’s funny how people STILL freak out about
    this April fools thing. 😀

    There is constantly stuff like that written around the net. I can believe they
    even sended e-mails to this other guy. This is Hilarious. Rammstein is all
    those 6 people. If one of them is gone the band will not exist. That’s pretty
    much obvious. Calm you shit already.

  5. Damn, some of this is like people reading in 2015 that the world is going to end in 2012… And then they get all hysterical about it.

  6. you people being SOOOO obsessed with Till i hope you are just under 13 years old cause if not you got serious issues.. this is not normal,wake the fuck up,get out of your house that you’re locked in just do something.. a guy in youtube said i want to give till a handjob and he got 200 thumbs up.. i mean what the fuck??? you people are psychos

    • yea that is how i feel whenever i see comments regarding the band members in a sexual way. I also believe they are a force that cannot be defeated, especially Till. He will kill you before you even say a word ok.

  7. You guys do realize this was announced in 2007 right? You ALSO realize that Rammstein has released albums since then, right? With Til. He didn’t leave the band. This is old news. 😛

  8. OHHH come one
    This is just redicilous

    This “news”post is from 2007 and you guys are still responding to it as if it were real

    read. think. … etc.

  9. we can all just meet up and bring our .357 and take turns putting ourselves out of misery. this is the worst thing to happen to heavy metal, not counting dimebag of course. WWWWWWTTTTTFFFFF!!!!!!!!!!

  10. WTF!!!

    He cannot leave.

    He will not leave.

    I will personally march to Germany, and slap him silly. D:

    Kidding, he’d tank me with his awesome arms.

    But, WTF.

    Rammstein would not be Rammstein without Till…

    I’ll cry if he leaves. 🙁

  11. BTW, don’t underestimate the fame that America could bring to Rammstein. You can make fun of us and insult us all you want, that doesn’t change the fact the America loves Rammstein and wants to support the band in every way.
    We can do anything, as we are *all for one* and *one for all*!
    We stick together through thick and thin–even if we don’t always get along. So stop the insults.

  12. NO, please don’t leave.
    Till Lindeman IS Ramsstein. Without him the band will *not* go on. I will never listen to Rammstein again without him. That’s a promise. I can promise that most everyone feels the way I do.
    =(… Till-Please DON’T LEAVE RAMMSTEIN.
    Come to America and play. We will adore you.

  13. Till Lindemann is NOT leaving Rammstein, as of February 2010. They stated that if one member leaves or dies, that’s the end. Just for everybody curious.

  14. what’s IQ got to do with it? i personally would hate to see these guys break up but it wouldn’t be the end of the world. calm down and get a grip. as they say, nothing is forever but let’s hope that rammstein still has a few more albums to go. =P

  15. @ Silke:

    The band has said that if any member dies or leaves, that’s it.

    Of course, they are free to change their minds.

  16. I remember when this was first announced, as well as general ideas of Rammstein retiring. Rumour mongering. I didn’t even know they had released their newest album until a few days ago because this rumour made me so depressed that I tuned out of Rammstein news. I didn’t want to hear about him leaving or the brand breaking up when it happened.

    And it still hasn’t happened and we have the beautiful new album Liebe Ist Für Alle Da. I refuse to worry anymore.

    Some of you people abuse English so badly that my eyes bleed.
    If you’re native English speakers and you write English this way, I would hate to see your German. Also, you reduce Rammstein fans and humanity’s collective IQ. Go brick yourself into a wall. Stein um stein…

  17. Nothing to do wit IQ.

    Musical talent is quite different.

    Like a lot of other great bands, the lead leaves and its definitely different.

    Who says the other lads in Rammstein dont have a great lead vocal and can continue where Til (if and when he leaves) goes.

    The band is not only talented due to the vocals anyway, but the lyrics.

    Just the same, I will be sorry if Til leaves.

    But life goes on people !

  18. I heart Till, in a completely non-gay way…lol, of course if I really was a man it would make me gay. That is messed up. Thank God I am a woman.

  19. Guys and gals this is obviously false!

    In other statements Till has said he will leave the band when he is 50 (he and I are the same age and he turns 47 this year).

    Also, the band has stated that if any one member leaves, the band is over. Hence no permanent replacements.

    So expect one more album after this one, then that’s it, if Till stays on his 50 and out course.

    And yes, a world without Rammstien, is a world that has dropped it’s IQ massively.

  20. Till, please, don’t leave!!! I love your songs, I love your appearance, I love your outrageous performance. Please, stay with the band even if you wish to start your own project or separate career. You have never visited Ukraine. Please, come!!!

  21. hey , til cant leave rammstein!! there my favourite band! and i remember rammstein saying if any of the band members leave it is all, over, KMFDM are good, but it just wouldnt be the same, i think this is not true, :<

  22. I wouldn’t worry if I were you, guys. These rumors haven’t been officially confirmed. I heard something about him retiring, but not until they do AT LEAST one more album after ‘Liebe ist fur alle da’.

    Rammstein wouldn’t ever be the same unless all 6 original members were there. I’m sure they would sooner quit the whole thing than lose Till. Getting someone else is just an insult.

    P.S. This had better be just a rumor… >:(

  23. This was so fake- I have read numerous places that this was all a false rumour. They would NEVER replace Till and he wouldn’t leave. Till has said he wants to retire at 50 but that means that Rammstein itself would stop (That would suck! I really really hope not!)

  24. Give the man a break..!!!

    He made some great music, made some money and at the ripe old age of…..somewhere in his mid to late 40’s feels compelled to relax some..

    Stop being selfish!

    Oh and one more thing…..a personal question to Til…do you really have to leave ??? :-(((((

  25. Till, i hope you don't retire or anything. Rammstein is nothing without you. In fact, music is nothing without you period!

  26. Till Lindeman is my GOD!!! I hope he will change his mind foir leaving Rammstein.Because he got great talent,he is great musician and great man!!..The group will not be the same if Till leaves…as I said,he is my God…and someone must build a statue of him or the others from Rammstein !!!

    Till we LOVE you !!! Ramms+ein forever !!!

  27. didn’t you just read the previous comments? IT’S NOT HAPPENING! he’s staying with the group. at least until he feels like retiring. i hope he changed his mind about that.

  28. WTF???? Fuck u En! Fuck u bitch! Till is the best!! Why the hell are these retards replacing a star with a scum!

  29. oh good. i'm new here so i didn't know. i'm looking forward to when it comes out. you know what i read somewhere? i read that till said he would like to retire when he's 50 years old. that day is coming fast. he recently turned 46 years old.

    • Yehh, Saddening thought. Just hope he has changed his mind since then and decides to continue for a while longer!

  30. oh he better not be leaving. i barely learned about him and liked him this past month.

    if it's a lie, thank god he's not leaving. i don't know what i'd do if he left the band. i'd probably. sit all alone and watch their best performances over and over. who ever made up the lie, YOU'RE GOING TO HELL!!

    • Dude, this is old news. This was from over a year ago. No one is leaving Rammstein. They are making a new record!


  31. This isn't true. I looked it up on the Kerrang! website that published it, and they admitted that it was a hoax that sprung from a unreliable source. SO DON'T FREAK OUT! HE'S NOT GOING ANYWHERE!

  32. happy to hear that it's just a rumor… that'd be so crazy if it was real. has rammstein ever came to canada? i wanta see one of there concerts… taht'd be so cool

  33. Ok I just looked and Till Lindemann is NOT leaving Rammstein

    I repeat:


  34. HELL FUCKING NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    NO THIS CAN'T BE HAPPENING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    TILL CAN'T LEAVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    It just won't be the same without his deep voice, eyes, and his weird faces in Mann Gegen Mann!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



  36. i agree TILL LINDEMAN is the shit he is a very outgoing person and all and i agree i dont think i could support them if he leaves

  37. NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!! Till, don’t leave the band! You are making me cry for you! WAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please don’t!!!! *tears fill up eyes* I really, really want you to stay in the band forever!!!!!!!

  38. I have an other opportunity to see Real RAMMSTEIN in live.:)
    I really do hope that Rammstein will come 3rd time to Estonia..

  39. From Slick Idiot website:

    July 17, 2007








  40. Official source:

    Blabbermouth follows up on the confirmation:

    And En Esch is f***ing confused: Applause

    It seems to be a complete hoax. Utterly untrue!

    Please post this on the top page! Schnell!!

    I guess this is just something that shows us how much we appreciate that fire-breathing-dragon-of-a-man-we-call-Till-Lindemann.

    Ahah, I posted this in the forums here. So guess what everyone, this hoax has been busted!

  41. Matt can I use your .357? I will be needing it if this becomes official.

    Thanks, your freind


    P.S I'm crying again.

  42. When I saw this a few hours ago I creid, I don't know how long I creid, but I did, I am still hysatical, I still am crying a little, Finally I find the one thing that makes me have a desire to live, somthing that makes me look forward to each day, and now it's going away? "Ohne dich kann ich nich sein" FUCK!!! i can't beleive this. PLEASE GOD, or who ever is out there, let this be a terrible rumor…Oh please PLEASE GOD!!!!! As Richard said. There is only one consilation that makes Rammstein, nothing else will work. I fucking love them, I am so devisated.

  43. No….I haven’t…The till thing is a rumor I learned. Rammstein has no idea how this started, it HAS to be a rumor…

  44. You know… has anyone here heard the Sonne Instrumental… god I fucking flinch when that comes up on my play list now!

  45. “OHNE DICH KANN ICH NICHT SEIN!!!!!” GOD DAMN!!!! FUCK!!!! FUUUUUCCCCKKKKK!!!!!!!! I FUCKING HATE THIS!!!!!!!!!!!! I WILL end if RAMMSTEIN does!!!!!!!!!!! Bullet? Nuse? I’m going over my options now.

  46. So guys, it is 90% certain that all of this is fake. Especially the fact that Richard is said to have been in a forum contesting to the fact that Till is still there.

    I think we are all safe on this round.

  47. Luckily for us, herzeleid.com just proved this to be bullshit since the original article was just pulled from blabbermouth.com. That was the place it originally came from, and that is where all the sources were also getting the information.

    God damn, this makes me realize how fucking much we should appreciate Till more, even if we think we already appreciate him enough.

  48. Like others.

    This is not REAL.

    Cannot be.. serious.

    Till can't do that especially now!!

    We care about him.

    It belonged to my plans to see him in Finland next year.

    I won't give up.

    Yes, I cried.. but that's over. 🙂

    Hang on, this is bullshit.

  49. Don’t die just yet my bleeding heart. If this IS bullshit (I do hope it is), I may have an opportunity to see them next time they come in Finland (when would that be, no clue).

    This made me realize just how much I adore the band, and Till himself. Long live Rammstein!


    This just can’t be happening!! >:[

    As far as I’m concerned, Till Lindemann pretty much IS Rammstein. He can’t leave!!!!! The band will never be the same!!!

    And I never saw them live either…don’t think I’ll bother if there’s no Till. It just wouldn’t compare.

    This had soooo better not be true. Or else…well I don’t know what yet, but I’ll do something violent and stupid.

  51. i will never listen to rammstein after till leaves because he and richard are the leaders and its not the same without him fuck nooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa the new guy is a schuwler

  52. aaaaaaa damm!!! this can`t be happening NNNOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! rammstein won't be rammstein without till, nobody can't replace him, if he really love his fans, he must think it again, nobody can't replace him, his voice y a very important part of what makes rammstein special for me…

  53. How flippin' DARE he?! I think he should have his butt superglued to the band. Anyway, i choose NOT to believe until it's been confirmed. If it does turn out to be true and i see him in passing i shall take a big stick to the back of his legs for being horrible.

  54. This can't be happening! I mean they always said if something went wrong that they would just quit the band because it wouldn't be the same so why the hell are they doing it without Till! And for Ensch to take his place, I mean that is just an insult to Till and to Rammstein. They haven't confirmed it yet so I hope this was just another made up rumour… I really do.

  55. This is the worst thing that could ever happen. I'm not even sure If I can support them without Till. His voice is a big part of rammstein that is forever going to leave a hole that no one can fill, especially no that jerk ensch, Rammstein are my gods, the band I adore the most, and it really hurts to say that my relationship with them might end the day that Till leaves… I'm not even sure I WANT to hear the new album anymore….


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