EN ESCH: I’m Not The New Singer Of RAMMSTEIN

I found a huge amounth of emails in my mail box. All of them asking about one thing: Is that true that Till Lindemann is leaving Rammstein???

It seems to be a big HOAX.

Former KMFDM and current SLICK IDIOT frontman En Esch has commented on the fake press release that was circulated to media outlets on Monday (July 16) claiming that he was going to become the new singer of RAMMSTEIN.

In a posting on SLICK IDIOT’s official web site, En Esch stated, “Since I have been contacted by many friends and acquaintances about the news that I’m the new singer of RAMMSTEIN, I think I need to set the record straight. Although it sounds interesting, it is not true. I’m working on new SLICK IDIOT material and am in the midst of mixing tracks for MONA MUR. RAMMSTEIN and I are and will stay friends and I wish them the best in their future endeavours.”

As previously reported, RAMMSTEIN’s management has issued the following statement on the made-up press release that announced the departure of the band’s singer Till Lindemann: “[The news that Till would be leaving the group following the completion of its new record] is not true and was not released by either band or management. We have no idea where this comes from. The band is writing a new album at present.”

RAMMSTEIN will issue its “Völkerball” DVD in the U.S. in September. The exact release date will be announced soon.

Source: roadrunnerrecords.com


  1. I heard that Till Lindeman is going to be replaced by Joey Tempest from Europe because Rammsteins next album will be powermetal.

  2. It wouldn’t be Rammstein if it where’nt for Till, or Doktor, or RZK, or Landers, or Doom or that strange girl which sings in Engel.
    I just really really hope they come to Israel BEFORE I get drafted.
    I love Rammstein! (mainly because it’s noice) :}

  3. Motherfuckers! How could thei to lie so?! Shit! I was realy scared! I hope Rammstein will be toogether for a long long time 🙂


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