Emigrate – Debut Album & Interview

THERE ARE certain words that music lovers are inclined to approach with caution: “˜drum’ & “˜solo’ are two of them, a juxtaposition that can often end in tears; “˜solo’ & “˜album’ are two more “¦

Actually, that’s being overly harsh. There’s nothing wrong with the solo album per se; where it can go wrong, however, is when the artist decides to do something entirely out of character ““ to show a side of his/her personality that has long been chained in the attic; cue nose flutes, hand chimes, Gregorian chanting and more”¦ ill-founded excursions sure to pop the balloon of even the most ardent of supporters.

Happily, the debut album from Emigrate ““ a project created by guitarist /songwriter Richard Kruspe, member of Germany’s premier hard rock act, Rammstein ““ is unlikely to cause such consternation. Set to appear in late August/early September 07, this self-titled 11-tracker is neither a “˜solo album’ in the strictest sense nor a musical departure of long-haul proportions. “˜Wake Up’, “˜Resolution’, “˜My World’ (the latter officially confirmed as lead track & video), these will all make perfect sense to those who have felt the heat of the parent group onstage or invested in one of their albums/DVDs (combined sales of which now stand at over 12 million worldwide).

What’s more, all of the Emigrate tracks have been co-produced by Jacob Hellner & mixed by Stefan Glaumann, the Swedish pair who have lent their respective talents to the bulk of the Rammstein catalogue. As well as providing a further link with the past, their presence here stems from Richard’s desire to pursue the Great Emigrate Adventure supported by a known ‘n trusted team: important when your duties encompass song -writing, studio work (final production responsibility) and singing lead vocals (for the first time ever), as well as sourcing, then rehearsing the musicians involved “¦

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