Rammstein Tablatures

This is a complete list of all Rammstein song guitar tabulatures:

Liebe ist für alle da

1. Rammlied
2. Ich tu Dir Weh
3. Waidmanns Heil
4. Haifisch
5. B******
6. Frühling in Paris
7. Wiener Blut
8. Pussy
9. Liebe ist für alle da
10. Mehr
11. Roter Sand

1. Führe mich
2. Donaukinder
3. Halt
4. Liese


1. Benzin
2. Mann gegen Mann
3. Rosenrot
4. Spring
5. Wo bist Du?
6. Stirb nicht vor mir
7. Zerstören
8. Hilf mir
9. Te quiero Puta!
10. Feuer und Wasser
11. Ein Lied

Reise Reise

1. Reise, Reise
2. Mein Teil
3. Dalai Lama
4. Keine Lust
5. Los
6. Amerika
7. Moskau
8. Morgenstern
9. Stein Um Stein
10. Ohne Dich
11. Amour


1. Mein Herz Brennt
2. Links 2,3,4
3. Sonne
4. Ich Will
5. Feuer Frei!
6. Mutter
7. Spieluhr
8. Zwitter
9. Rein Raus
10. Adios
11. Nebel


1. Tier
2. Engel
3. Sehnsucht
4. Bestrafe Mich
5. Du Hast
6. Bück Dich
7. Spiel Mit Mir
8. Klavier
9. Alter Mann
10. Eifersucht
11. Küss Mich


1. Wollt Ihr Das Bett in Flammen Sehen
2. Der Maister
3. Weisses Fleisch
4. Asche zu Asche
5. Seemann
6. Du Reichst So Gut
7. Das Alte Leid
8. Heirate Mich
9. Herzeleid
10. Laichzeit
11. Rammstein



    my name is German, i’m 12 years old and i’m from argentina!

    I hope you come to argentina please!!

    u r the bests!!!

  2. Hi Rammstein you are the best bend ever,the songs are so cool continue to make them come to my country Republic of Srpska,town of Banja Luka.by

  3. Hi I´m a big Rammsteinfan. I hope you, too. Can anyone speak german? Please contakt me;-).

    hf cu


    PS: ICQ: 494667116

    • Hi German_Rammsteinfan i can speak a little german but not alot i can't spell it yet but i'm learning my big bro is learning it and he teaches me some every now and agin when i see him he gave me some papers dealing with the diff. pernounceation (i spelt that wrong ) of the words and i can understand some of rammstein's lyrics but not much so bye bye for now i'm at school by the way (lol) oh if you like respond to this i might not ever see it couse i have a few mesages from people and i cant find where i can see them. do you like live in germany couse thats so cool i've wanted to see germany my home land for a long time well i talk to much so bye bye bye (lol)

  4. You guys have camed in Lithuanian in 2001,and all the lithuanian Rammstein fans hope that you will came in 2008 with the more powerful, and more beutiful songs. Rammsetin rulez the world 😉

  5. Hello Rammstein.

    I hope you come to Barcelona when you finish your new album.
    So many fans here waiting for you 😉

    I love you all.

  6. Hi.

    It wolud be nice with base tabs 😉

    Keep up the good work…

    And Till whats up with you leving Rammstein????

    • That's just a rumor. In an interview with Richard, he stated that if a member leaves (or dies), then that's when Rammstein is over.

  7. Hi Rammstein, I hear that you are recording a new album and you are going to do a tour in 2008. I want, no , We here in
    Kolombia want to you come , realy we need you. Since I have understand you have to cancel your tour in Latinoamerica and I was realy sad for this. I hope you to come to Kolombia when you have a new album.

    Kolombia’s Rammstein Fans


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