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  1. REALLY hope you keep the site going for a loooong time. One of my favs!! I come on here all the time!

    You rock!!

    Rammstein for life! \m/

  2. Rammstein rocks! I Can’t give you guys money, but I you got my support guys. Rock on! I would love to see one of the concerts, but I have no idea when they will be touring in the U.S.:(

  3. I count on your site for info on Rammstein. I also love the pics you post. I always come here first to see what else is going on with the boys. I (like other American fans)would love to see them in concert here, but from what I heard may not make it across the pond. 🙁 I will try to support financially, but cannot at the moment. . .but please keep up the site- its awesome!!!

  4. I run a work from home resource site and forum and I have placed your 468×60 banner in both top and bottom rotators at the forum.

    I hope it helps and keep up the good work, you have an excellent site for an out of this world band.

  5. i love u guyss so much mostly richard u r so hot i have lots of pics of u n evernything i know everything about u i love u!!!!

  6. I really love Rammstein and think that Till is hot but anyways. I hope they come to the U.S so I can see them in concert. I think it would be totally awesome. I have their live dvds and hope to see them in person. Thanks guys and keep up the good work.

  7. Do u guys know if Rammstein will be coming to Canada becuse that would be cool if u guys could tell me. thanks Garret

  8. Ich finde dich

    in english ill find u and help u but think this way more germans and russians live near the band members like me ill put u on my web but i cant pay u yet idk u

  9. RAMMS+EIN is a very good band……

    a lot has been inspired from them …..

    This site just like them is very good also….

    I live in India and wud like to make contribution from my side too,to keep promotiong this site.

    Cheers to all 🙂

  10. Dude i cant give you money but i can give you props. yeah use that to keep your site going. i know, you cant buy women with props beleive me ive tryed. lol. kepp doin what your doin man, its an awesome site!


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