SEBASTIAN BACH on the perfect song and album


During a new appearance on “The Mistress Carrie Podcast,” former SKID ROW vocalist Sebastian’a Bach was asked to name a perfectly crafted, perfectly written song he wished he had written himself. He replied:

“It’s hard to choose, as there are too many, but if you ask me, “Can you give me an example of a well-crafted song that is your favorite?” it could be a variety of things. For example, one of my favorite KISS albums is “Hotter Than Hell,” and I’ve read many times on the internet, “I would love that record, but I hate the production of it.” And I say, “But that’s what makes the album better.” It sounds like hell. It’s called ‘Hotter Than Hell’ – it’s perfect. But I wouldn’t classify it as a perfect work, because it doesn’t have a very good sound. But MOTÖRHEAD doesn’t have a very good sound either, and I love MOTÖRHEAD.

If you ask, “Which song and album is done the best?”, I’ll say….. This may bore you, but it’s the 45 rpm vinyl version, the original master recording, the special original master reissue of Donald Fagen’s “The Nightfly”. And a song that I think is well done is called “I.G.Y.” It’s the first song on the record. When I want to impress someone with my stereo, that’s the song I play. And people’s jaws drop to the floor in my living room when they hear how well done that song is.”


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