Rumours about Rammstein’s new album

Now that we all (un)patiently wait for new Rammstein productions, knowing that they are in studio’s working….every piece of information may be seen as valuable. So, according to a Polish news website Rammstein have been interested in Polish politics and invited one of the politicians from a very controvertial party apparently to sing a song with them.

The politician, Renata Berger, was involved in a scandal ( including bribery in one of the currently leading parties ), which she recored and published a few months ago.

According to the article she wasn’t quite impressed by Rammstein music but she liked the boys when she met them and agreed to perform with them in one of their songs.

The article also added that the album should appear around Christmas 2007.


  1. They shouldn't joke like that, Ive been hoping that they would make another album for ages now. Mabye the reason they placed the quote 'attention of the egg' just stir people up and make them more eiger….anyway they probably are still producing, cos they know we want more:)

  2. this website is pretty good the only regulary updated rammstein site i can find/ and these things are interesting to read even if they are false/ so thanks good site i like it!

  3. well…as I stated in the article, now that we all "grab" every piece of info related to them…we considered this "rhumour" worth publishing. In any case, dear Mikoq, thanks for letting us know..greets!

  4. this was later found to be false. There is something stamped on the site which translates to ''attention of the egg'' meaning it is a joke


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