TILL seems to be a Gourmet

It seems that Till Lindemann – Rammstein’s frontman – spent a day in some Japanese Restaurant Ichiban in San Pedro – Costa Rica, where, together with the chef they “developed” a new cuisine, some sushi art of a fish-roll. A local newspaper spread the news…it’s about the Spanish “el Periódico Al Día“.

Here’s the translation and the source; article is entitled GERMAN INVASION:

German invasion

At first sight you might not recognize it, but if we put him in a stage, dressed in black leather, and in front of thousands of fans while he sings his hits of industrial rock, surely many Costarricans will identify him.

It’s Till Lindemann – Rammstein’s leader(! -n.a.) and vocalist- who was some days ago in the restaurant Ichiban, in San Pedro (Costa Rica)

Says Warren Flores, the restaurant’s chef, that the German goes there from time to time, and they even made specially for him a “roll of sushi”, with the name “Till Roll”. Till said to the chef that he owns a house in Guanacaste (Costa Rica), the one which he uses to rest with his family”

Source: http://aldia.co.cr/ad_ee/2007/abril/21/farandula1067890.html


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