Richard Kruspe leaving Rammstein


Farin UrlaubWARNING: THIS POST IS NOT TRUE (read more about this here)

This news may be shocking for many fans of Rammstein. The new era of Rammstein is coming:

After a long time of hesitating Richard Kruspe made the final decision: he doesn’t want to cooperate on the new album anymore. After he changed his style with the new Emigrate album he can not find his way back to Rammstein and want to continue his solo career.

Rammstein is currently recording the new album and they found a new guitarist for this. His name is Farin Urlaub and he is a famous singer and guitarist in Germany (used to play in a group called Die Ärzte – The Doctors).

Farin Urlaub and Till Lindemann will start the cooperation in late September as Farin will also provide the group with backing vocals. We can expect slight changes in the new style of Rammstein.



  1. This isn’t true. So many times RZK said rammstein was first and he would never leave. He even put his solo stuff behind him for the time being to work with Rammstein. He works emigrate around Rammstein. So for sure he won’t leave.

  2. Well it was about time someone took the article serious again^^

    Reading is hard…


    Does this mean anything to you, Invy?

    Still I have to say the idea of FU on stage with Rammstein ist about the funniest thing ever! I wonder if he even knows about that ridiculous rumour. I bet he’d find it exeptionally funny 😀

  3. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa fuck ….I hope this is not true…. men kruspe you r my idol … don’t be an asshol and stay where u r……..

  4. thats bullshit……. i knew that he wants to be the one

    to be treacherous …… he came up With Rammstein

    then he wants to leave he is

    son of a bitch

  5. no illyria, let them kill might be interesting. they just need to vent. i'm sure if farin reads this he'd have be confused…as well as rammstein themselves.

  6. OH PLEASE! You have to STOP!

    How about ACTUALLY READING the article?

    I mean there is this huge warning above “WARNING: THIS POST IS NOT TRUE”

    It was just a fake, the site has been hacked and someone posted this ridiculous rumour.


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