Rammstein Ich tu dir weh video


Premiere: December 21st, 2009 (visit-x.net)

Shoot date: ???
Shoot place: Berlin
Directed by: Jonas Akerlund
Album: Liebe ist für alle da

Lyric: Ich tu dir weh translated

Description: The video is essentially a performance video that shows off the antics Rammstein get up to when playing in concert, some things that can be seen are the CO2 “cannons” from Keine Lust, The Claw shaped flamethrowers from Waidmanns Heil, and for a brief second, the microphone used during Mein Teil.

The video itself is just the band performing on the stage used live with sparks flying off parts of it at times. During the breakdown, it has till simply singing/talking into the camera, and during the drum/guitar hits it has the bands head retching all about.


Interesting facts: The band would still play the instrumental version song live in Germany until it was ultimately banned from live performances.

Rammstein frontman Till Lindenmann pierced his cheek for the sole purpose of running a cable through the hole to add LED lighting in his mouth for the band’s new video. Band members advised Till they could hide the wires by shooting from various angles, but Till was determined to do it right.



  1. i think the video was very plain because maybe its juxtaposition with the songs fucked up lyrics OR they spent their budget on the pussy video

  2. I fully agree with previous posts! Have listened through this album several times, returns constantly to this track. The best! Directed by Jonas Åkerlund, wow !.:-) I can hardly wait for the concert, on 20 February when they play in Stockholm …. Yiipeee!

  3. I really love the video, everyone expected something big, so Rammstein made something simple.
    I also noticed Richard is wearing a ring of Emigrate on his finger, just watch him good

  4. I really liked this video, if plain. I adore this song, even without it (unlike Pussy, which doesn’t really sound as good without the video for some reason). I only wonder what the hell Till’s mic is supposed to be. It looks odd.

  5. There’s something about white contact lenses that brings out emotion and expression like nothing else. I think that’s what really saved this video. When I first heard they were filming at Castle Marquardt I thought it would be a story video like what was happening in the album artwork, that would’ve been badass.

  6. richards my favorite. and actually i noticed the ring first time i watched it. thought i saw it, went huh and backed it up just to make sure. and like you said the video does grow on you.

  7. I really like the video, the first time I saw it I thought it was a bit creepy but it just grew on me, and now I love it.

    Wow Britzen, how many times have you watched the vid? I didn’t notice Richard’s ‘E’ ring until you said so and started paying attention. How sweet is that? I just love Richard.

  8. Im not very happy with any of jonas’s videos, i love the video simply because its rammstein. anyone notice the emigrate ring?

  9. They played it safe. The lyrics are very violent indeed, they couldn’t show it like the Pussy video, which was very bold. This would be a step even further, since the song involves sex as well. I liked it. Till’s very expressive.

  10. brilliant song but i must agree that the video is a bit plain. although there are some strange things in it. i noticed at about 2:02 it looks like till has a split tongue. he doesn’t does he?? i never noticed it before if he does


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