Rammstein Tours in 2013

Festival dates

2013-06-01NLNijmegen, GoffertparkFortarock XL
2013-06-08RUSamaraRock on Volga / Rock Nad Volgoi
2013-06-13CHInterlakenGreenfield Festival
2013-06-14ANickelsdorfNova Rock
2013-06-16GBDonington ParkDownload Festival
2013-06-21(-23)DNeuhausen ob EckSouthside
2013-07-06BWerchterRock Werchter
2013-07-26BGSofiaSofia Rocks
2013-07-28ROBucharest, RomexpoRock over Bucharest
2013-08-01DWackenWacken Open Air


  1. I hope they come to the us soon!! i love their music and they are all gorgeous! sounds silly but where they are in the us im going up front and backstage!!..and i hope they also can do the pyrotechnics and other things 😉

  2. It may not be until 2014, but I hope they come to Buffalo sometime, I’ve become a fan in the last year and I really would love to see a live show.

  3. rammstein cuando hacen otro concierto es mexico por favor ya me arte de puros conciertos de regaytoneros pendejos por fAAVORR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Tour to Puerto Rico PLEASE there’s alot of fans here dying for a live show! I will buy front seats and backstage for sure!!

  5. Any chance Rammstein will be visiting Mexico in 2013? Or am I gonna have to chase them down all the way to Germany?

  6. Come on Rammstein! New Zealand craves for you! And I am fed up with watching your videos on youtube while daydreaming about you guys coming in here! Hurry up! And big hug!


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