Rammstein Tour in 2008

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There are no sheduled tour dates for year 2008. Rammstein want to record a new album before they have a live tour again. All the fans around the world have no other option – just to show patience.

Strong warning: this is not an official page! Don’t beg for any concert, Rammstein management nor any members will not read it! Comments like “Please come to BLA BLA” will be absolutely irrelevant when deciding the next tour countries.


  1. Yodle Rammstein….

    Can't wait till the new album, i hope there's a couple places in Canada. I plan on seeing the tour at least 3 times….. Best of Luck…


  2. eu amo rammstein mais ainda till linderman ele é lindo é maravilhoso e não tem nem uma musica deles que eu não goste eu amo todas , são os melhores , eu faria tudo para velos de perto , é tudo que eu mais quero na vida

  3. visiten el peru se los pide too el peru den un concierto para el 2009 nunca an venida till lindeman y su banga vengan aqui tienen muchos fanaticos

  4. ramstein es lo maximo es lo mejor que bueno que no se an separado los amo a todos y mas a till lindeman me gusta mucho las letras no lo asen alo loco como lo asen otras bandas flake mi tecladista preferido`pobresito que siempre lo ponen como tonto bueno auque lo asen para agarrar curas yo los amo

  5. I love RAMMSTEIN there music is the best better then any other musician out there sorry but its the truth they’ve been around for a long time and there going to be around alot more then that believe that rammstein if you read this i love you and come to AMERICA NEW YORK

  6. RAMMSTEIN should totaly come down to Utah.

    or near there, that would be the story of my life.

    and remember, RAMMSTEIN RULES ABOVE ALL!

  7. hey,when rammstein come in Belgrade?we are wait rammstein 3 years!!!Camon!!or when rammstein come in Italy?For me it's too…


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