Rammstein Tour in 2015

There are no scheduled tour dates for 2015 as of yet. Please stay tuned.

New tour-dates are announced through our website as well as through the Affenknecht newsletter.

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  1. gibt ooch ossies in Australien – kenn euch noch vom schinne overdrive , ( und später klar ) der hammer

  2. Please come back to America!
    You are by far the greatest stage acts I’ve ever seens.
    and I’ve seen 759 different bands.

    And Rammstein is and always will be the best

  3. Kommen Sie nach Brasilien!!! Wir wollen Sie hier, um dieses
    kleine Stück des Planeten zu animieren. Aufessen!!!

  4. In Brazil – São Paulo!
    Wir brauchen SIE hum Show in Sao Paulo, wir Februar die Veranstaltung ” Monsters Of Rock” mit Kiss, Judas Priest …. aber wollten Sie hier sehen.

  5. RAMMSTEIN, I really really hope that you will organize a tour this year or in the nearest future, and I really wish you would come to LITHUANIA again!

  6. Hey guys!

    Would love you see you play Scotland sometime.

    I highly doubt that there’s a venue big enough to contain your level of pyrotechnics and overall atmosphere, but it’d certainly be a brilliant experience.

    Take care in-between times.

    Much respect!

  7. We in the northern parts of Sweden are still waiting for a nearby concert! Come to Sundsvall or Umeå! And I will personally make that crowd BIG!

  8. It would be cool if Rammstein would come to Norway in 2015 after the summer, because I turn 18 in 2015 and going to a Rammstein concert would be a nice way of celebrating 18 years of being a Rammstein fan 🙂

    • D’you think you are funny you cunt? Chalifa doesn’t exist anymore since the foundation of Republic of Turkey. In other words, the reason why there is no chalifa anymore is Turkey. I guess you have never been to Turkey, or you wouldn’t put yourself in this embarrassing situation. If you have visited, you must be blind then. Well, another thing is; what Rammstein do isn’t Satan music. Rammstein isn’t such a simple group. They do more than that.


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