Rammstein Tour in 2009

Tour Dates

2009-11-08PortugalLisbonPavilhão AtlânticoCombichrist details
2009-11-10SpainMadridPalacio de DeportesCombichrist details
2009-11-12SpainBarcelonaPavelló Olímpic de BadalonaCombichrist details
2009-11-14SpainBilbaoBizkaia ArenaCombichrist details
2009-11-16FranceNantesZénith Nantes MétropoleCombichrist details
2009-11-18SwitzerlandBaselSt. JakobshalleCombichrist details
2009-11-19SwitzerlandGenevaArena de GenèveCombichrist details
2009-11-21AustriaViennaStadthalleCombichrist details
2009-11-23GermanyMunicOlympiahalleCombichrist details
2009-11-24GermanyLeipzigArenaCombichrist details
2009-11-25Czech RepublicPragueO2 ArenaCombichrist details
2009-11-27PolandKatowiceSpodekCombichrist details
2009-11-29GermanyCologneLanxess ArenaCombichrist details
2009-11-30GermanyCologneLanxess ArenaCombichrist details
2009-12-02FranceLyonHalle Tony GarnierCombichrist details
2009-12-03FranceStrasbourgZénithCombichrist details
2009-12-04LuxembourgLuxembourgRockhalCombichrist details
2009-12-06NetherlandsArnheimGelreDomeCombichrist details
2009-12-08FranceParisBercyCombichrist details
2009-12-09FranceParisBercyCombichrist details
2009-12-10BelgiumAntwerpSportpaleisCombichrist details
2009-12-11GermanyFrankfurtFesthalleCombichrist details
2009-12-12GermanyStuttgartSchleyer-HalleCombichrist details
2009-12-14GermanyHamburgColor Line ArenaCombichrist details
2009-12-15DenmarkCopenhagenForumCombichrist details
2009-12-17GermanyRostockHanseMesseCombichrist details
2009-12-18GermanyBerlinVelodromCombichrist details
2009-12-19GermanyBerlinVelodromCombichrist details
2009-12-20GermanyBerlinVelodromCombichrist details
2009-12-21GermanyBerlinVelodromCombichrist details

Rammstein Tickets mit Garantie

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For German dates, you’ll be able to buy tickets on rammsteinshop.de (starting June 12, 2009), for other countries we will update you upon receipt of further information.

Strong warning: this is not an official page! Don’t beg for any concert, Rammstein management nor any members will not read it! Comments like “Please come to BLA BLA” will be absolutely irrelevant when deciding the next tour countries.

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  1. ive been hooked on rammstein for years, i even took german classes in high school so i could understand better, come to the west coast of america bitte sehr!

  2. hey lovely likeminde peeps wud just like to say u all have immpecable taste_ramm are the best band ever its a fact.went to see em in birmingham lg arena 3rd feb…..at first i was thinkin the stage is to small for them they deserve bigger,but i tell you what it was the most intermat gig ramm have played since becomin the huge success they are today.awesome.i was right at the front(being literally buggered up against the bars)i got well an truly covered in till foam…lovely except wen i looked up and a big blob glued my mascara laden lashes togeva(over all quite a sexual experience really)the people who attended were awesome too hello to terry how many times u seen em now?!chris who braved the cold for hours in his awesome handmade ramm tee u are a true manxxxx,the helenas and hubbie from greece lovely lovely lovely wish u lived near me!all of u…imagine a whole town made up of ramm fans that wud be brilliant!!lets all emigrate now to erm….somewhere!j

  3. just wanted to say we love your music great stuff keep it up and we hope to see you guys down in new zealand 1 day soon. maybe shear a few sheep while your here and travel our beautiful green wilderness country.

  4. Hello there, I am from Romania and I would love to hear that Rammstein will ever come here.Here are lots of Rammstein fans that are waiting them soo hard.+ The clip of Rosenrot was filmed in Romania 😀 .Makes me prowd.


  5. I’ve been a fan for so long and really would love to see you guys on tour, but there are no tours planned anywhere in the Americas in either 2009 or 2010. Rammstein you can’t deny your fans in America the Teutonic Tremors of your undeniably powerful overtures. PLease, PLease consider coming some where in the US. I live in Florida and am ready and willing to fly anywhere in the country just to see you!

  6. come to mexico kabrones!! come to tijuana and i’ll pay for the mexican very nice teen petite putas for your next video.. hahaah! i’ll pay the tacos for everyone too..

  7. New albums here baby, listened to it…Rammstein has failed to make a crap album yet. I held them to high expectations and it was well worth the wait. Thank you for another awesome album.

    Dallas, Tx


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