Rammstein Tour dates for 2009 announced


Please be advised that the tour has been announced together with dates and cities of show performance.

To check it follow this link: Tour dates 2009

Ticket-presale for the german Rammstein-shows in 2009 will start exclusively on www.rammsteinshop.de on June 12, 2009!

For all other european Rammstein-shows we will soon announce presale-starts and link to ticket-sellers’ pages.


  1. what happens with the presale? do we need to be paying members of the rammstein fanclub to be in with a chance of getting tickets for the euro tour in the presale?

  2. If rammstein doesn’t come to america i might not play new rammstein songs at battle of the bands! so take that

  3. Man I was gonna go to Bilbao for my 21st, but I’m going to Berlin instead…couldn’t afford the flights to London then Bilbao 🙁

  4. i guess i’ll have to wait until 2010 to see them. i’m really looking forward to seeing them live and hearing the new album.

  5. I was thinking the same as you durden. Last tour they went all the way to japan before they came to UK and played the 3 big gigs; Birmingham, cardiff and glasgow. If they dont release UK dates then im going to go see them in Madrid on my 21st birthday.

  6. They aren’t coming to the UK either, but they will come, they always do, they will probably tour in January and February, with either a Festival or US tour in the Summer, and probably elsewhere till X-mas, then probably end with a second Euro tour, Which is what they did with Mutter. If they are marketed correctly this tour could bne very successful


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