Rammstein Tour dates for 2009 announced

Please be advised that the tour has been announced together with dates and cities of show performance.

To check it follow this link: Tour dates 2009

Ticket-presale for the german Rammstein-shows in 2009 will start exclusively on www.rammsteinshop.de on June 12, 2009!

For all other european Rammstein-shows we will soon announce presale-starts and link to ticket-sellers’ pages.


  1. they maybe come to sweden next year so stfu. Its only fun to see that they will tour this year. i don´t have any problems if they come to sweden this year or next.

  2. haha, i noticed the no sweeden thing. i bet they go straight to south america after the europe tour, not saying thats a bad thing considering the large audience, but it would be nice if they could just take enough time to hit the major cities in the US. ive been waiting for them to come back since the Mutter tour…

  3. really ,no baltic countries ?! :/
    even not Finland.
    I think they will tour at the beginning of 2010 in scandinavia ,baltic countries etc.
    at least i really hope so. never seen them live 🙁

  4. R+ should really really come to Sweden. Since it’s not that far from Denmark, perhaps they could make a little de-tour to please us Swedish fans? 😀

  5. what the fuck???
    you are mixing your album in sweden but you dont come here
    please come to sweden or else i will ride a bike to fucking Denmark, please come to the globe or something.

  6. PFFT I’m gonna buy a ticket anyway! XP Rammstein ist Rammstein! It’ll be good no matter what! I am sooo going to Koln! Then I can go see the Koln Cathedral too! 😀

    It would be nice to get a single out soon though. 😛

    • i went to Kolhn the cathedral is beautiful …its black like some gothic church and when its misty the bell towers cant be seen + all the people who like rock/alternative all hang out underneath the cathedral 😀

  7. shall we buy tickets to a show that we don`t know how it sounds? no no no
    first release a single and then sell the tickets.


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