Rammstein Tour dates for 2009 announced


Please be advised that the tour has been announced together with dates and cities of show performance.

To check it follow this link: Tour dates 2009

Ticket-presale for the german Rammstein-shows in 2009 will start exclusively on www.rammsteinshop.de on June 12, 2009!

For all other european Rammstein-shows we will soon announce presale-starts and link to ticket-sellers’ pages.


  1. I have picked an amazing year to study abroad!!! Frankfurt is only two hrs away from me. XD
    Also the new album is just wonderful! I absolutely love it!

  2. What are the chances of them coming to the UK in 2010 because at the moment it looks like im going to have to go to the continent to see them, which is a nice addition of money on the ticket -_-

  3. I’ve got 2 tickets for the concert in Denmark! I guess that I’m the happiest person on Earth 😀

    But I don’t get why some of you complain about that Rammstein aren’t playing in your country.. Come on! They can’t tour the whole fucking world in 2 months! They’ll be back in 2010 and tour a lot more.. Have some patience, though I know it’s tough 😉

    December seems SO far away.. *SIGH* xD

  4. UNGARN, UNGARN!!! Please come to Hungary. We’re waiting for you since 5 years… such as the other countries here and in Balkan.

  5. This tour is a bit… Lackish….

    I think they’ll have to do another, extended, tour to satisfy all of us.

    Hopefully they’ll finally come to Israel ;}

  6. What the fuck, all the other countries has had there fair share of Rammstein but the U.S. C’mon man I Needs me Rammstein. Come to Chicago. PLEASE!!! I’m begging Ya.


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