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  1. la verdad Rammstein es el mejor!!! a webos!!

    Espero el dia en que vuelvan a venir a Mexico, se les aseguro que estare alli, en verdad es lo mejor en metal de este miserable planeta!!
    RRRRammstein!! Yeah!! la neta la rola DE
    ” TE QUIERO PUTA” EN ESPAÑOL es la mejor aparte de “ich will”

    por favor vengan!! necesitamos un poco de locura aki en mexico!!

    este es mi numero se los doy para que me avisen cuando vienen!! 2292113997

  2. screw u guys america is great but honestly europe is the shit but i absoutly love rammstein and i would just die if they came to the u.s but i dont think they will 🙁 but i hope that they keep making the bad ass music they were born to make.

    -rock n roll forever baby!

  3. Where else can you be fat lasey and stupid and make a good living? Come to the Jersey shore for a concert on the beach. There is plenty of imported beer to enjoy till the sun rises!

  4. Wooo! Yeah R+ forever! They rock my world.

    Hope they come out with a couple of new tracks soon.

    I mean, I love their past work, but what about the present? I miss 'em! *Can't wait till they go on tour again and make another c.d*


  5. I agree w/ Matt!!!! -> COME TO THE U.S.!!!! -> I love you guys!! The music you guys make is like candied heaven to my ears!!You would think God made it!!!!!! LONG LIVE RAMMSTEIN!!!!!! Flaky can go fuck himself.

  6. Hi, boys! Only I can say you are great and even more than that! Your energy, lyrics/poetry, originality, unique style, made me learn German language trying to understand, interpret and feel your music, lyrics deeper. Your music has become a part of my everyday life, and not just mine! Whatever happens, your mission has succeeded! The greatest thing would be your concert in my country Montenegro or in Serbia, so I hope I shall see you soon and enjoy your exquisite performance! Great greetings for all of you and just keep going!!!



  7. hey when the fuck are you guys coming to the U.S. i will watch you guys 3 times in a row if i have a chance to do so. And i am not even the biggest fan in my area…


  8. I live for Rammstein and only Rammstein, today is my birthday and I got the beautiful pair of earrings bought at Rammstetinshop.com 🙂

    Kruspe most me the moste beautiful man on earth, hope they'll visit Sweden next year!


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