Rammstein – Kein Engel (Feb 2007)


I have to inform all fans of Rammstein, that new bootleg called Kein Engel appeared on interned. Please don’t download this bootleg and inform web providers wherever you see that illegal stuff. By sharing these files you commit a crime and can be punished according to intenational copyrigt law. It was unofficially released in February and includes following Rammstein copyrighted tracks:

01. 5-4
02. Du Riechst So Gut 98
03. Kokain
04. Wilder Wein
05. Hallelujah
06. Das Modell
07. Engel (Extended Version)
08. Benzin (Kerosinii Remix By Apocalyptica)
09. Mein Teil (Single Version)
10. Sonne (Instrumental)
11. Ohne Dich (Beta Version)
12. Schtiel (Till Lindemann & Richard Kruspe)
13. Wut Will Nicht Sterben (Puhdys & Till Lindemann)
14. Stripped
15. Engel (Scala And Kolacny Brothers)

These tracks are available on officially released singles or special editions.


  1. well, the only solution to having something without having to get into trouble about downloading it is to go to a record shop of walmart or fye and purchasing it. you’ll pay out of your kester but you won’t get into trouble for illegally downloading it.

  2. You can find all these songs on YouTube anyway perhaps you should sue YouTube for “illegally” hosting them.

  3. Holy crap! This is amazing! I especially love Hallelujah, Mein Teil, and Schtiel. I forgot about those songs because iTunes deleted them when I legally payed for them, and yet somehow I’m not allowed to use my OWN copies in case of hard drive failure.

    Good thing you posted this, I’m downloading this right now. And don’t give me any of that shit about how its “hurting the band Q.Q” I paid in cash (Euros) for more than any of you RIAA chumps to support Rammstein.

  4. I’am Ilannguaq Isak. Nielsen I love Rammstein I have this : CD’s Herzeleid Sehnsucht Live aus Berlin Mutter Reise, Reise and Rosenrot Völkerball 7. CD Ionly need Kein Engel to complet my Colletion I have not heard it yet Ilannguaq

  5. @ Turanga

    Why would it matter if it was a bootleg or official Rammstein Album? You still downloaded it without paying for it. Your a thief, and yes, you WILL get into trouble.

  6. What if you didn't know that Kein Engel was bootleg and already downloaded? I seriously had no idea. I thought I had all the albums, but then I came across this one on a website and downloaded it a few days ago, but then I read this as I was trying to do a search for the actual hard copy, since I like having hard copies of the CDs of my favorite bands. I'm confused as to what I should do. Will I still get into trouble? I hope not!

  7. The fact is, p2p sites is what makes the bands famous theese days.
    Also, doesn't kraftwerk own the copyright of das modell?

  8. Oh yeah, making copies of music you own is legal and a good idea. I usually burn copies of my CDs and back-up my CDs on a hard drive rather than risking damaging the real CD when I'm listening to music in my car or with a portable CD player.

  9. I don't think p2p is wrong in itself. In fact, I'm pretty sure that sharing an artist's songs over the internet is the most the average fan can offer a band in terms of exposure. I know if it hadn't been for Napster every jock-type in junior high wouldn't have known "Du Hast" (at least this was my experience). I like to support artists I like to listen to. I really don't like to support the artists that make shitty music. Bad music is a plague in whatever music scene one is into. I think it's the consumer's responsibility to download the music before they buy the CD, if the music is worth buying then go buy the CD. Frankly, if you're really concerned about how much money the artist is making don't bother trying to support them by buying the music. After the record labels tear apart the profits the artists are almost always left with crumbs. It's a bull-shit deal. Instead buy merchandise from the band's web-site. Usually a large percent (if not all) of the income goes directly to the band. I wouldn't be at all surprised if buying a $20 T-Shirt from Rammstein puts more money in the band's pockets than if you were to go to a record store and purchase all of their albums. I honestly would not be surprised.

  10. Well i would just like to say you all need to stop being such pussy'es…cuse we all know you say.."oh im not downloading it" which in fact you are dont be a fucking liar…we know you got it you'r proply the first ones to have you you freaking Fanatics….i love Rammstein…but hey if you have the cds buy all means download it or just copy all the songs from said boot leg and put them in a new folder intitled Rammstein – Kein Engel its the same thing they did soo suck it up

  11. If people really like a band though they shouldn't go around making illigel copys of there songs and making there own CDs out of it


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