Rammstein Best of Album

PopcornAccording to some infos Rammstein should release a Best of Album in 2007. There are two main sources of this information. The first is here on this page and second is an interview with Bushido, who said that there should be some Best of album, including duet Rammstein featuring Bushido (he’s a german artist). You cas see this interview on the scan from the magazine Popcorn. The new song name should be “Vergiss uns nicht” (Don’t forget us).

Source: rammstein-austria.com


  1. Ja, don't really know how that Best Of album will be, but i really wish its not kind of another Rosenrot, except for some cool songs it does have. What am really scared about is putting BUSHIDO in this album!!!!!!! he'd probably be fucken RAPPIN and ruin the album!!!!!

  2. Well…i hope they don't turn into something different from what they are…=
    I can't say this "best of" is the worst idea in the world (except from this bushido stuff…i don't know…maybe i'm wrong x_x) but i think voelkerball was already a kind of "best of album"…and WHAT a 'best of' was voelkerball! =)
    I was hoping for some new material…but not this year. Anyway, let's wait to see what is coming.

  3. Rammstein's best of album would sell very well, only if it included a bonus dvd of everysingle music video they have made leading up to the best of, including all tv performance by the band like award shows that american and Canadian fans didn't see.

  4. come on people a real fan would respect the fact that the boys want to give us the best they have so far and hit us with new and improved RAMMS+EIN

  5. yes Stringiamano, I agree! even if Voelkerball was some kind of a best-of, we still want some new material

  6. Making a “best of” is like reaching a semi-pathetic level. Have it gone that far? – And Bushido?? Yuck!!

  7. “The new song name should be “Vergiss uns nicht” (Don’t forget us).”

    i hope its not the end, it seems so :S


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