NIKKI SIXX likes the early works of AEROSMITH


As part of a recent conversation, NIKKI SIXX confessed his love for early AEROSMITH records. When asked what record or concert influenced him to decide to become a musician, he replied:

“I can say with certainty that it was AEROSMITH. There is no other band that even comes close to what touched my heart at the age of 14. And those first five albums, I don’t think anybody can compare to them, in my opinion. It’s like [LED] ZEPPELIN, [BLACK] SABBATH – those first five AEROSMITH albums. I mean, I know every line – I know them so thoroughly that I almost fall under the definition of “superfan” [when it comes to] these songs. And they’re great guys. We’ve toured with them. But, man, put AEROSMITH ‘Rocks’ on and then put on any other album. И… “Sorry. We shouldn’t have put this record on’.””


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