Barry Kirch of the Shinedown podcast


00:08 Mistress Carrie and Barry Kirch of Shinedown.

  • Mistress Carrie introduces Barry Kirch of Shinedown, who talks about his experience working with Torchbearer and creating Chipotle hot sauce.
  • They discuss their love of coffee and gardening, as well as Shinedown’s upcoming new album.

09:28 Recipes with Chipotle hot sauce

  • Barry Kirch shares his recipes using Chipotle hot sauce, including stuffed chicken, gumbo andouille, and chicken tortilla soup.
  • Discuss the importance of barbecue and family traditions on Memorial Day.

11:00 Spicy sauces and culinary preferences

  • The Shinedown group collaborated with Torchbearer Sauces to create three hot sauces.
  • The sauces were prepared in the kitchen of Barry Kirch, one of the band members.
  • The sauces were created with the taste preferences of the band and their family in mind.

14:16 The importance of fellowship and family in the group

  • The Shinedown group is family and fellowship oriented, which helps them stay together and support each other.
  • The group spends time together eating and talking about different things.

16:02 Message to gold star families and the military community

  • The Shinedown group would like to thank gold star families and the military community for their service and sacrifices.
  • The group encourages everyone to visit China dot com to order hot sauce.


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