New Rammstein Scans


Jennifer from forum sent us some very interesting scans of recent magazine issues:

This magizine is called “Hit Parader” and this month they featured best bands live.
Rammstein came in as 96 (They should have been one!) But yea. Here. Closer up to Rammstein.

And I don’t know if this counts but Rammstein was in Hit Parader last year in September/October. I am unsure if these scans will come useful: [1] [2]

And also in the issue of METAL HAMMER which had that Emigrate article they also featured a Apocyliptica article and they talked about Till. Front page of article (no Till), page with Till. close up of Till talk.

And also here is a higher quality scan of that second page of the Emigrate article.

Thank you Jennifer



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