Interview with Paul Landers, January 2008

Paul Landers

As I have already informed you, radio Goethe interviewed Paul Landers, the guitarist from Rammstein. You can read the whole interview (in German) on following page:

Some quotations from the interview:

Radio Goethe: On your DVD “Völkerball” we see the French, British, Japanese enthusiastically sing along your text. How you explain that the concept really works?

Paul Landers: Perhaps because there is no concept. Most suspects behind a man thing, the success has always as a prefix. I like to read biographies of inventors and so on. Many inventions are made accidentally, as the record. Even the good inventions are always accidentally. And our band is now no concept. Our concept – if one of them now wants to speak – was actually, if all shorts, we have long pants, all have long hair, we have short hair, all singing in English, German, we sing. That was really our concept. The fact that we are not the usual paths. Moreover, we are from the East and thereby in relation to the West Germans quite unconcerned what authorities are concerned. So we think now is not if we do it now, it may well be that in the not good. So these alleged anticipatory obedience, we have not correct. And the opposite – times when we tried to be so neatly, it is always to the rear started. So our best recipe is simple. And I can really only guess each. Especially if it is not allowed, it is interesting, and then it usually was. Behind the mountain is always beautiful, as is the sea. And when the confrontation and afraid of the anger, then it remains so lukewarm.

Radio Goethe: When will be the new album released?

Paul Landers: That’s a very good question (laughing). So we are in the process of about 30 ideas in demo mode recorded and in about three weeks there will be the first song as a demo. Then 20 will be junked and then the ten most beautiful will work. I think at the end of the year comes the CD out. We will start probably in the spring with the recording.



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