MIKKEY DEE: “SCORPIONS can go on forever” is scheduled for November 10th:


In a recent interview, Chaoszine Mikkey Dee, who played drums in MOTÖRHEAD for 23 years before joining SCORPIONS in 2016, was asked how long he thought the legendary German hard rock band could last. He replied:

“The guys are in great shape. As long as everyone is healthy and they still enjoy touring and playing, they can exist forever.

I often get asked the question, “How long will you be able to perform?” We heard that all the time with MOTÖRHEAD. I play with some damn old bands. [Laughs]. I’m old myself. And I’ll be 60 this year on Halloween [October 31]. But it’s a question that can’t be answered definitively. As long as everybody likes it and everybody’s healthy, of course there’s no reason to stop, because personally I think we sound better today than we ever have. And the SCORPIONS maybe had a little bit bigger swing in the early to mid 80s – “Blackout”, “World Wide Live”, they had a big rise and they were very popular, but on stage now we sound great”.


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