Men on fire


Affenknecht provided a short interview to NY POST. You can read the whole article here.


  1. @ //R+// : I agree that the article is weak and clearly written by someone who is unfamiliar with Rammstein and their amazingness… but it has nothing to do with Obama or political parties. You’re grasping at straws to make a poorly written article relate to your political view. The article sucks…but I’m sure a massive part of the R+ fan base consists of liberals and democrats so how about not making such vast generalizations and lets try to be a little more united by our appreciation of the music! WHOOOOO RAMMSTEIN! NY ROCKED! ADD MORE US DATES!

  2. Hey, it was an article written by someone with no idea who Rammstein were. He obviously Googled a few articles, read the Wikipedia page, maybe listened to a couple of songs on YouTube, and wrote the article, under a deadline. Mentioning the Riefenstahl clip was misleading; the reader thinks of goose-stepping Nazis, when they were clips from Olympiad, a largely apolitical doc about the Olympics.BTW Rammstein was great at MSG! I hope they come back and do a real tour of America!

  3. Classic Liberal NEW YOUR POST condescending arrogant sarcasm that replaces genuine true thought wow nice updated PIC you slack jaw. your weak ass MAC to full of obama pictures to get a new Rammstein one. theres,…. i dont know a million!!! and surprised what do you mean surprised it sold out do you just go along with the mainstream so much so dont know what its like to walk on dry land or have you been sitting in the mainstream Boat to long the 1st paragraphs are just sheer and utter sarcasm and total insult to rammstein fans that enjoy being entertained without the use of auto tune and everyday performances. man its like i hate to bring politics into this but these are the same losers that while people wish to god they can come here from other countries wish our country the US. needs to change into theirs… i mean hey Obama drone talk about Rammstein………….insult sarcasm and outdated source material CLASSIC CLASSIC sry R+ forever

  4. It makes me sad that they have to play down their sets. But it pisses me the hell off that a dumb ass reporter blew it way out of porportion. ONLY in America! I missed the MSG show and I can only hope and with that they contiune to tour the U.S.

  5. Actually, Reise, Reise has a double meaning like most of Rammstein songs, that’s what makes them so awesome: maybe they’re talking about fascism, maybe not.

    Anyways, what do they mean with the Riefenstahl clip? “their habit of showing it in concert”, that’s just false!

  6. That really pisses me off when people say they use Nazi and Hitler references in their songs. Where in any of their songs do they mention Nazi’s or Hitler!? NOWHERE!!

    And someone needs to learn their German because Reise means travel, not arise.

    But aside from stupid people, the show at MSG blew me away! They really need to consider touring the US.


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