Affenknecht looking for admins, new opportunities for 2011

Dear fans,

As 2010 draws to a close, I would like to take the opportunity to thank you all very much for the commitment you have shown during the year.

Unfortunately we have suffered some significant losses – Sinnlos is no longer updating the Finnish page. The same destiny came across the German, Russian and Italian subsection.

This post is to recruit new admins, fully enthusiastic, who would be willing to take care of these languages. I would also appreciate to have someone to help me with English news (I was trying to get Camilla Koutsos, but she wants to stay independent – is it the same for 2011?).

On the other hand it is the Spanish section is growing. Big thanks to Maestrocarnicero – the man who made it!

In case you want to cooperate, meet other fans, have your own community (including approving comments, posting news, etc..), let me know here to comments or directly to mail.

If you are a cover band and would like to have your own subdomain, please contact me as well.

I would like to wish you all a peaceful holiday season. Take time to recharge your batteries, enjoy the free time with your family and friends – and have a great start to 2011.

Best regards,


  1. Hey,

    I’ll be interested in helping out either for the English part or the French one!

    Hit me back.



  2. If I want to take care of Finnish page so I send to you, External, some e-mail about it? Actually about me, myself and I or something? 8DDDD


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