Lindemann Ich weiß es nicht Video

The entire video was created and brought to life by artificial intelligence using still images.

Premiered: October 20, 2019
Album: F&M
Lyrics with English translation: Ich weiß es nicht
Produced by Selam X / Daylight Filmproduktion
Creative Direction Sebastian Zimmerhackl
Directed by Lukas Rudig
Edited by Kitty Lee Schuhmacher, Maximiliane Galgenmaier, Lukas Rudig
Post production by Sam Aldridge, Giusy Amoroso, Kitty Lee Schumacher
Shot by Frederic Doss and Kitty Lee Schuhmacher
Programming by Jens Wischnewsky, Christian Hassler, Moises Sanabria, Maximilian Kreis, Vadim Epstein
Datasets by SX_NO for Selam X

Sam Aldridge,
Giusy Amoroso,
Vadim Epstein,
Maximiliane Galgenmaier,
Maximilian Kreis,
Lukas Rudig
Moises Sanabria,
Jannis Szeder,
Jens Wischnewsky,

Algorithms based on the paper »A Style-Based Generator Architecture for Generative Adversarial Networks« by Tero Karras, Samuli Laine, Timo Aila


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