Lindemann Ladyboy lyrics

Black lips, brown eyes
Wet flesh, good size
So hot, when it crawls
I burn for dicks and holes

He is my toy boy
My ladyboy

[Verse 2]
Just for fun
No romance
Two in one
I’ll take my chance
All you can eat
It’s hot as coals
I drown in meat in dicks and holes


I got shot with the sweetest gun
I have it all, all in one
No broken hearts, no bad romance
Why should I love when I can have fun
With my ladytoy

Got shot with the sweetest gun
Never mind what I have become
Why should I love when I can have fun
With my breathing toy


Till Lindemann talking about what inspired him to Ladyboy:

“Everybody expects me to say, “I went to Thailand.” It’s just a strange little fantasy. It’s really funny when you let people think for themselves and open up their minds. I’m jealous of these people because they have both. Like, when it comes to food, if you have lobster and meat, you have surf and turf [laughs]. And it’s the best. So you have both sides. You know what I mean?

I went on vacation in Thailand and there was like this little street in Bangkok that really strikes me because I saw like these people running around and like it was kind of disgusting these Americans, big fat people came over and took the lady boys it was kind of really… you know. To write about it was actually a different thing but who am I to judge people you know. I turned the whole thing into like a party song and something that I can actually admire. You have surf and turf, fish and meat if you can’t decide go for both… The whole song became fun and a party song and like to raise your hand and say something about tit. I’m not the guy who wants to judge people for what they are doing.”


  1. yall are lame, this song is utterly amazing, how can you be homophobic AND listen to Tills music, like WHAT? LMAO

  2. This gay song is a low point and pretty cringeworthy. I don’t know why he released it. With the exception of “Yukon”, that entire album had a very degenerate and druggy vibe. His second solo album is much better.


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