KING DIAMOND guitarist: “Next year it could be anything.”


Andy La Rocque answered a question in a recent interview about how the process of working on new KING DIAMOND material is going:

“The last tour we did was in the US, and we finished it in December 2019. And that was right before the pandemic started. So we haven’t been on tour since then, we haven’t had any shows. We wrote some songs, and I’ve been trying to survive with other bands in the studio, because that’s what I do on a regular basis. When I’m not performing with KING DIAMOND, touring or writing music for KING DIAMOND, I work as a music producer – mostly metal, of course, as you can guess… I’m always working with some ideas, I’m always writing riffs for KING DIAMOND, and what doesn’t fit KING DIAMOND’s performance ends up being something else in my song library.

We’ll probably hit the stage next year. I can’t say when or where, but we’re looking at every possibility to do something next year, definitely.”

When asked if he had a new music release or tour in mind, Andy replied:

“A tour, with songs. I mean, we’re working on them. We’ve got them. I sent King’y a bunch of songs, about a year and a half ago, and we started working on them, doing arrangements and stuff like that. And then MERCYFUL FATE came in between – they did a summer tour in Europe, and a US tour. They’re going to record a single or two, sort of like that. And once they’re done with that, we’re going to go back to where we left off with KING DIAMOND, all the KING DIAMOND songs that we have. And then, of course, King is going to write his part of the songs too, all the lyrics and stuff. So it’s a long process. But we’ve already started!”


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